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Skype 320x50 Non-Expanding Connection Hub Ad 
Banner 320x50 
320W X 50H 

 Accepted File Types 
. Flash 
. GIF 
. PNG 
The User Experience 
The new Skype Classic Client Chat Ad Redesign displays the best ad placement based on Vlient window resize.
1) User opens Skype Client
2) User selects a contact from their contact list to open the Skype Connection Hub screen where they can start a chat with that contact.
3) Only one of the five ad sizes (320x50, 300x250, 160x600, 300x600 or 728x90) will appear based on the size of the user's Skype window when displaying the Connection Hub screen.
4) If the user resizes their Skype window, the appropriate ad size will display based on pre-set parameters.
NOTE: As part of the Skype redesign 728x90 and 160x600 ad placements may be cropped upon Skype Client window resize.
1. It is up to the Advetiser to ensure that the creative design elements such as Advertiser branding, logos, and CTA are positioned as detailed below to avoid cropping on Clients window resize.
1.1. For 728x90 ad size up to 145 pixels (20% of default ad size) may be cropped from the right side.
1.2. For 160x600 ad size up to 120 pixels (20% of default ad size) may be cropped from the bottom.
2. If the Advertiser is including an AdChoices logo inside of the ad unit, the icon may be truncated if/when a user resizes their Skype window. Therefore, we recommend adding the AdChoices logo in the top left corner to avoid it getting cropped/covered.
Ad Specifications 
. Audio must be user click-initiated and never automatic. 
. If audio is used, creative must include an On/Off switch for users. 
. Animation is limited to first 15 seconds. 15 seconds of looping is allowed.
. Use animation carefully. Keep animation smooth and fluid, using slow motion and gentle fades. Fast and abrupt motion is highly irritating. Avoid experiences that 'break through' the page or abuse the content. 
. Flash files require the ClickTag method embedded in the file – Click Here for documentation 
. Creative must feature a 1 pixel border (gray [#666666] or black recommended, though any color that clearly 
distinguishes the ad from the content may be used). 
. Click destination URL must open into a new browser. 
. All creatives/Tags MUST be tested in a live Skype QA environment 
. Third party impression pixels and click tracking is avllowed. 
Load Requirements 
. Initial Load Size: Max 40 Kb 
. Subsequent Polite Load Size: 
o Up to 4 additional download streams upon user click are permitted. Each additional stream may not exceed 100KB. 
o Up to 400KB for SWFs (animation/interaction) and 2.2 MB for FLVs (video) 
Other Specifications 
Audio Specification 
. User initiated only 
. On-load Audio: No sound 
Video Specification 
. User-initiated Video: 
. Can include “Click to Continue”, “Click to Play” or “Reply” buttons 
. Must include: progress bar, play/pause/stop button, mute/un-mute button. 
. Actions on User Click: Once Pause or Stop is clicked; there should be zero animation or video. All sound and animation should stop upon exit click. 
General Specification 
. Ad cannot mimic Windows or Skype Products, any Skype experience, designs, graphics, colors or logos without 
prior approval 
. Ad cannot have ‘strobing’ effects 
. All ads must have a visible border 
. Z-index for rich media ads should be set to 1000000 and wmode=opaque 
. No pop-ups, floating ads, expanding ads, or any ads with un-user initiated audio. 
. Mouse effects are allowed provided that such effects must be user initiated (by rollover or click) and are always 
under the control of the user. 
Certified Rich Media Vendors 
For the current list of certified rich media vendors accepted for the Skype IM Conversation ad, refer to the posted list of 
third party rich media vendors - certification status 
Data Reported 
. Ad impressions / Clicks 
Data Collection 
. Advertisers cannot generate a list of Skype users. 
. Advertisers may not give Skype user data collected through running an ad to any third party, including 
information derived from targeting criteria. 
. Microsoft permits advertisers to collect user-provided personal information (for example, through web forms 
embedded in ads). 
. Advertisers may be required to modify ad units or provide additional disclosure in order to be acceptable for 
advertising on Microsoft sites. 
. Advertisers wishing to collect personal information (according to specifications above) within advertisements must 
follow these guidelines: 
. Clearly identify organization 
. Provide link to privacy policy (usually adjacent to the web form’s “submit” button) 
. Identify purpose for collecting information 
Ad Submission Guidelines 
All creative must meet the MSA Ad Submission Guidelines 
Сайт Позиция Импресии* Уникални** Цена***
Всички страници 2 000 000 800 000 15 лв.




* Импресии на дневна база
** Уникални потребители на дневна база
*** Всички цени са без ДДС и са за 1000 импресии
**** 50% оскъпяване при таргетиране на IP (frequency)
***** 50% оскъпяване при таргетиране на български градове, или на конкретни държави
****** 50% оскъпяване на нестандартни формати при активиране преди потребителско действие