Sportal Media Group

Sportal Media Group uses an IAB standards confirming ad serving system (AdOcean, provided by Gemius) for advertising campaign management.

  • Maximal weight of creative file is 15 kB;
  • Acceptable files: JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML;
  • The landing page URL cannot be longer than 2000 characters;
  • Sizes:

320x48 px (iPhone, Android, WAP)
480x72 px (Android)
768x115 px (iPad)

Site Position Impressions* Unique** Price***
All pages 100 000 0 8 lv.

* Impressions on a daily basis
** Unique users on a daily basis
*** All prices exclude VAT and are per 1000 impressions
**** 50% additional charge for IP (frequency) targeting
***** 50% additional charge for selected Bulgarian cities, or specific countries targeting
****** 50% additional charge for rich media formats which start before user interaction