Sportal Media Group

1. Profile:

● Sports News from 10am to 10pm / Monday to Friday – News feeds every hour (12-15 min). Local and International news from the world of sport). Local news 70% and International news 30%

● Interviews – 90% local 10% International

● Entertainment: Saturday and Sunday - Sports Studio Programs, Realities, Editorials, Gossip (incoming).

● Informations - Live scores, News feeds, Results, Rumours

2. Target

● Bulgarian audience

3. Distribution

● CATV networks

● IPTV networks

● DTH operators

4. Aim

● Presenting the general Bulgarian audience with information about people from the world of sports that play an important role in its professional development. Athletes, trainers and people who have explicitly dedicated their lives to sports. To pay the needed respect to the people who played important roles in Bulgaria’s major sports achievements on the international sports arena

● To show athletes from different sports, sports programmes, direct feeds before and after football games, live broadcasts of basketball and volleyball matches, show programmes and studio forecasts

● To become a major forum for all Bulgarians who love and practice sports. By achieving this goal the channel also aims at providing a wider popularity and a better understanding of different sports in Bulgaria and helping with the integration process of the Bulgarian nation in the European cultural and economic community

Sportal TV will provide:

● Service information and feeds for all sports fans

● Specialized programs for different athletes, important dates and events

● Own fiber network and connectivity to major capital stadiums. (Slavia Stdium – all playgrounds connected; Levski Stadium/ Stadium CSKA – 15 march all playgrounds conected)

Programme scheme

● An hour by hour schedule with the latest sports news, highlights and commentaries.

● Documentary movies (about the Olympics, European championships etc.).

● Block programme that is composed of impressions and short movie forms of extreme sports from Bulgaria and the region.

Service Provider: JSC

Headquaters: Sofia 1113, 3A Nikolay Haytov Str, office 1-5

Web page:


Phone: + 359 2 9710311

Mobile Phone: + 359 882 448049


Headquaters: Sofia, 69 "Shipchenski Prohod" Blvd.

Web page:


Phone: +359 2 9708810

Fax: +359 2 9733769

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